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Don’t follow somebody else's expectations and do what you should do, but create what you actually want and what your soul needs.

From early childhood, I was lucky to be led by freedom: freedom of choice in my occupations, outlook, books I wanted to read, people I was willing to communicate with. Moreover, my parents have always been and are my friends, who have never imposed their opinion and vision of life. With freedom, they gave me the opportunity to manage my own life, learn to make decisions and take responsibility. Maybe, this is one of the most important factors that developed my own Personality. I will always be grateful to my parents for this, as well as for Love, Trust, Patience and Understanding.


Ever since I can remember, I have always been in search for something new. Art school, music, billiard, swimming, photography, molding, language courses. New people, new roads home, new hair color. The fear of frameworks, uniformity and boredom have never let me stay on the same place for too long. Honestly, it has never let me even finish what I started. Courses dropped, people changed, books remained unread. That’s how I got used to be alone. Alone with the whole world by my side, that has always been and will constantly be changing.

Emotions and Rationality are two words that I associate myself with.

After school I got accepted to the university in France (Small town of Nancy, near Strasbourg). I didn’t plan my moving, it was spontaneous and emotional. However, I had always been feeling that I was going to live somewhere else. Not immigrate, but just leave my country to see life from another angle. I didn’t have plans, nor objectives. I quit my university in 2 weeks. However, I continued living in France for another two years. It is a very long story, but full of freedom, smell of Remark’s books, taste of croissants, coffee, sangria, art, tears, loneliness and confusion. Those were two years spent by myself, surrounded by beautiful architecture and understanding, that the world is so huge and incredible, that the question of my own place in it was complicating my life and decisions regarding my future plans.

After two years, I decided to get out of my bubble and move on. I came back home with the only understanding, that I want to create and I want it to be my work.

Since I was 13, coffee has been keeping me company every morning. My favourite recipe is my grandma’s: pour hot water over coffee and add a spoon of sugar and a slice of lemon.


As soon as I returned back to Chisinau, I started working in a newly launched chain of coffee shops Tucano Coffee. Moreover, their philosophy Love.Peace.Coffee was very close to mine. After becoming part of the marketing department (without any experience), my goal was to create a pleasant atmosphere, where everyone would enjoy their time. By atmosphere I mean: music, food, design, events, social media, collaborations. I was waking up early every morning and heading to work, knowing that it would make people feel good while they spend their time in Tucano. Also, it was important to me to understand that it was more than just a coffee shop, it was a real platform where people could develop their talents, create new ideas and launch businesses. Everyone could use our shops for seminars, lectures, festivals, exhibitions or even movie screenings and that was absolutely for free. I loved what I was doing, because except from the delicious coffee, I was surrounded by interesting people, who were helping me create something new every day. It was an amazing experience and a perfect first job. However, suddenly I realised that I reached a dead end. Marketing is a short term phenomenon. Yesterday you were working to create a project. Today you launched it. Tomorrow it disappeared. I came to conclusion that I wanted to work on something that wouldn’t disappear and I would be able to see results in the future. That was my path towards photography, which has always been my joy and pleasure, but has never taken me on the road.

In December 2016 I started working as a photographer and content media manager at Flothemes (WordPress Themes) & Squaremuse  (Design Kits for Squarespace), both catering to photographers and creatives. This job was an opportunity for me to start doing photography (actually to start learning photography and practice it every day) and also to become a part of world photographers' community. Everyday inspiration, talented team (part of them are my close friends), interesting tasks & projects, growth and experiments, freedom and good attitude - all these things are about my full-time job. I'm so thankful to Ross Tanner, who first of all gave me this chance to try myself in photography, who gave me the job and stability, who is my mentor and teacher. Also big Thank You to my friends Sasha Veshka and Polina Ceastuhina for being by my side in all happy and difficult moments, for helping me find confidence in myself and in my art, for inspiration and new directions, for my amazing brand (Sasha is the best designer I've ever met) and for my website (Polina knew exactly what my portfolio needed and she built my website with Black Onyx design kit from Squaremuse design kits collection). 

During the week I'm in our office, while the weekends I spend with my camera: portraits, lifestyle & boudoir are my main directions. Sometimes I shoot commercials (I like it because of my marketing background), sometimes I do couples & family shootings. 

To me, the most important thing in photography is to find beauty in every person and to show it through the lens. I met a lot of people, who lacked confidence in themselves, who don't like their body and, of course, how they look on photos. My photography is about communication before & during the shoot, about beauty and confidence, about small, but not trivial moments,  and it's about emotions. For my models, shooting with me looks like a session with a therapist, but who also takes photos of them. For me, my shootings are about listening to stories and learning from every person who is in front of my camera. The camera is my way to find connection with people and to get to know them, images - are the result of this connection.